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Distrubing Theme

While I am not currently working on/with music, I have taken a ‘regular’ job to help cover expenses until I have decided if/when/where I go to school. During my conversation with many people I work with, there was a certain theme that arose quite frequently which has somewhat disturbed me a bit. It has given Read More

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Retribution for my Actions

In my last post I did not go into detail about school. I merely stated that I was down but not out. Well, now I’ve been kicked when I’m down. I’m going to be completely honest. Originally, I was going to talk about how I needed some time to devote to my career and that Read More

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Choices and Options

This post will be vague intentionally. It’s more just for me, to be able to write down some things down, to express some of my thoughts and events that are happening in my life without going into details. Earlier this month I started with the motto, “The actions that will take place in the next Read More

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Discontent Part II

As the week has progressed I am constently reminded that I am not completely satisfied with have I have, or with what I’m doing. So in the effort of making my life better, I’m just going to start cutting people out of my life. I really try to keep a low profile around school mainly Read More

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Sorry for the lack of writing. I do it enough for classes that I haven’t had the time to do for pleasure. Since the last time I wrote there a few things that have changed. For one, classes are in full effect and I’ve done better this year to keep on top of my classes Read More

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Fresh Start

Hey there. Lots has changed since my last post. I was re-enrolled at my former University and was able to get all my classes back. I started to do some consulting work for a few studios, put things on hold with Claudia and went on vacation. I was able to go to Hawaii on vacation. Read More

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