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Lorem Ipsum

As someone that wears many hats in any work environment, I at times need to use filler text. To show a font, a layout, a design, a website, etc. From time to time I use real blog post but usually everyone that does web design uses the “Lorem ipsum” text. It’s latin. It’s beautiful when Read More

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Distrubing Theme

While I am not currently working on/with music, I have taken a ‘regular’ job to help cover expenses until I have decided if/when/where I go to school. During my conversation with many people I work with, there was a certain theme that arose quite frequently which has somewhat disturbed me a bit. It has given Read More

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To Clarify

Last time I wrote a small post before boarding a plane for a trip to celebrate my birthday. In said post I vaguely explained that I had called something off. A select handful of people knew what it was about while others didn’t. To shed some light on the situation I will share a bit Read More

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After a few days in the hospital after an adverse side-effect from mixing medications added to the pressures of overworking myself, I’ve been home on mandated vacation. With this vacation I have a lot of extra time on my hands and nothing really to do. Trying to remedy that, I decided to write by hand. Read More

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My Child

It been a while since anything of great value of has happened in my life. But today I was finally able to bring my child home. I would like to present to you, Paige. After much debate and thought I decided that I will be staying in the LA area for the foreseeable future. So Read More

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