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We, as people in this day and age, have become accustomed to get things instantaneous. IM, email, web, text. Information has become almost instantaneous. The way we travel, the way we have meals, even our interactions with other people have become a form to get to an end. Discussing life with friends about my new Read More

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The Pursuit of Happiness

After two weeks in Boston I came back home today. While I was there I reflected on life, finances, friends, my spirituality, and various aspects of my career and choices I have made through out the year. During the time there I was able to visit one of the greatest schools of music in the Read More

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Two and a Half Year Plan

I have been thinking about the future for a while now and it seems that I will only be in school two more years…. well if I don’t go to grad school for conducting or piano. I’m still doing music for those who read this and care but it will becoming my minor and majoring Read More

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After much thought I had decided to go to Full-Sail this year to get a A.S. degree and stop the whole inner ear, music theory, you have to take voice lesson because you can’t play an instrument. So I posted a bulletin on myspace, seeing that most people I talk to have one. I got Read More

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