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While at dinner with friends last night, Aaron Swartz came up. I won’t go into detail about his life. You can Google him and you can learn much about his life. I did not know him personally but knew of him. Part of me envied him, we are roughly the same age and yet he Read More

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Over the summer I made great process in my personal life. I stop taking MAOI’s (anti-depressants). I was able to deal with emotions and problems from over three years for the first time without being under medication. I handled them fairly well. Yes, there were times I thought things were out my hands, but I Read More

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Update on My Life

Well it has been over a week since I have written and the main reason is because life is hectic. This passed week I have been studying for a few test and actually started to practice the piano like I should had done since the beginning of the semester. But to recap my life over Read More