February 2012

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New Audio Format?

While doing some research on audio formats, I came across ALAC, Apple Lossless. I’ve been using it for a few years now but only worked on Apple devices. That is until, it became Open sourced late last year. This strikes me a bit odd, as this format was developed by Apple in 2003, based on Read More

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Recently I’ve been debating the topic of transparency, not only for full disclosure online, but even with friends and family. It’s something, that at times, has plagued friendships, relationship and even my family. While I was in Berlin, my sister called me asking where I was as she had not heard from me for a Read More

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I’m not a big book reader per se. I had several books while growing up mostly Goosebumps and Steven King (yes, I was a dark kid). This was a bit odd to me as we had a study in the home I grew up in, but it contained mostly economic, psychology, and legal books, no Read More