November 2009

Posted on November 26, 2009 by

Thanksgiving, Not turkey day

I usually write a simple post on holiday to share well wish and that will come but not with some observation that irk me to no end. Today is THANKSGIVING! (Yes, I know. caps lock = yelling) Not turkey day, not gobble gobble day. Would you call Halloween costume day, or Christmas, tree day? Exactly Read More

Posted on November 19, 2009 by

Open Standards

Two days ago Adobe released a pre-release beta of the upcoming Flash 10.1 plugin for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It features better CPU management and GPU decoding, sadly the latter only applies to the Windows counter part. Anyone that has a Mac knows that Flash runs like a dog, hogs a ton of CPU power Read More

Posted on November 8, 2009 by

Christmas Creep

I have a bone to pick with a lot companies, retailer and even with some people. Today is November 8th, 18 days before Thanksgiving and there are ads promoting Christmas. My problems isn’t with Christmas, it’s that they are creeping up Christmas before its time. I’m pretty sure I saw Christmas decorations before Halloween. My Read More