September 2009

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Getting my Creativity On

This fall I am taking a few classes at a community college but it’s more about getting my creativity quota filled. After over a year working in a corporate setting I want to do something fun, more me. Hence why went back to school and using it as a stepping stone to Barcelona. I am Read More

Posted on September 8, 2009 by

What Does it Say About…

I was talking a to few family members that in about a year or so I will be moving from LA to Barcelona and a particular family member laughed, hard. While most of you have notice I rarely talk about family… it’s just not something I really think about. It’s more like something I deal Read More

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Talking to few people about my recent trip to St. Thomas and of upcoming future trips, it was pointed out to me that I travel quite a bit. I didn’t understand why that is a problem until I started to examine things more closely. Apparently, it gives the impression of not having roots or not Read More