September 2006

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Time is such a precious thing that many people refer it as money in the old saying, “Time is money.” This week I have figured out that time is not only money but much, much more. I am not overwhelmed. I’m just hitting a wall seeing that I have somewhat sick, so my body has Read More

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Just Something Someone Sent Me

Dear heavenly father full of grace Bless the girl always on my case Bless her for always being right It helps when trying to avoid a fight Bless that sexy body I can’t touch Even though I’d like to very much Bless her puppy-dog eyes that always win Bless her face to which I am Read More

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A Few Steps Back

This weekend I had planned to go to Apple Valley to see some friends at the Senior Pastor’s house, but things got complicated and it all when down the tube. So what to do this weekend? Today I went to buy a few books at the bookstore and I only got 5 books and I Read More

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School Suxs

School has been underway for two days and I am already swamped with work and reading. Classes started yesterday, luckily for me I don’t have classes before chapel. But because its a new school year there is a community chapel on the other campus, so I got to my first class a bit late… 20 Read More

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Another School Year

As some might know I moved here last weeks but classes don’t start until tomorrow. Well the reason three fold; 1)I wanted all my crap to be unpacked way before school started, therefore making my apartment look like an apartment before classes start, 2) I am part of a choir and had to be here Read More