January 2006

Posted on January 29, 2006 by

Ice-Skating Hurts

As you know, I went ice-skating last night with my roommate and some friends. And even though I have ice-skated before, I’m not good at it. I fell on my butt a few times and have a few bruises from last night but all in good fun. I might try to learn how to ice Read More

Posted on January 24, 2006 by

We Fall to Pick Ourselves Up, Again and Again

It seems like every time I care for someone, I always give out the, “hey I am nice guy, so I just want to be your friend and brother” vibe. Girls usually don’t see me as a boyfriend material and seriously, I don’t know why? But enough about that. Well the Adri thing is not Read More

Posted on January 23, 2006 by

The Story of My Life

If you have kept up with my rant and seen that they seem a bit emo….. well there are just going to get more emo. this one girl has starting to date this one guy name; he’s a great guy and everything….. I am really happy for both of them…. But I can’t get this Read More

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So last I said I was going to attend Full-Sail this year and have a great life in Miami and whatnot but things have changed. ON Friday a friend picked me up and took me straight to the LA Car Show and I wasn’t able to get back to school until Sunday to move out Read More

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After much thought I had decided to go to Full-Sail this year to get a A.S. degree and stop the whole inner ear, music theory, you have to take voice lesson because you can’t play an instrument. So I posted a bulletin on myspace, seeing that most people I talk to have one. I got Read More

Posted on January 2, 2006 by

New Year, Same Old Life

It is only the second day of the New Year and I already hate it. So many people with their New Year resolutions and how they are going to be different this year, they’re going to help more, give more and worry less about money. Bull Shit! This year, for me at least, will be Read More